August 11, 2016


How you can change your motivation to build muscles

You can not run away from yourself! You are always taking your beliefs and feelings with you.

At the age of 16, I started doing fitness with the motivation to strengthen my back. First, I focused on improving my health, until I got interested in other aspects, such as muscle growth and optical advantages.
Of course, I wanted to achieve results, preferably IMMEDIATELY!

Everywhere I looked, I saw people who were better than me. But I failed to achieve my desired results such as muscle growth, fat loss and definition. So I wondered what I could change.

I trained more, spent my SPARE TIME ALMOST only in the gym – but without noteworthy result. Then I shifted my focus on nutrition (grams-accurate weighing, post workout shakes,…), gained knowledge about fitness, bodybuilding, health and regeneration. I wanted to crack the SECRET of how to build muscles!

I applied this knowledge after studying countless books, articles and videos. And I achieved success at once – there was HOPE for me!

After 1.5 months I had built 4 kg of muscle mass with a weight of 81 kg by a height of 1, 93 m and a defined figure with a body fat percentage of 7.5%. Even my friends and family increasingly showed  recognition and respect for my hard training.

Since I’m very ambitious, it was all a MUST. My recovery time had to be respected, all my food I consumed had to be eaten according to the exact schedule. I gave up alcohol and parties. I banned all forms of sugars from my diet.

The result: After half a year I was OVERTRAINED and my health had suffered.
That was a crisis. My first midlife-crisis. I continued until I couldn’t lift any weights anymore.

 By diseases my body forced me to a break of some questions:

  • Why did I come to this MUST-have?
  • How did I get into my CAGE?
  • What made me lose the measure?
  • WHY am I doing this at all?
  • And for WHOM? For ME?
  • To look GOOD?
  • For the HEALTH?
  • To please WOMEN?
  • From ANXIETY to be not good enough?
  • Is your LOOK everything? Is this defining me?

So I did a further break whereas only diet remained. These questions showed me a way, where I investigated my MOTIVATION and then gradually changed it.


From then on, I did everything only for ME! Fitness and looks lost their importance.
Today I train only, if it feels rights and I still notice that there is much more behind the scenes.

There are constraints, beliefs, social standards, education and much more, coming to the fore. And so I go further along the path to the core.

TODAY I train my HABITS, push my BELIEFS and strengthen my SELF-CONFIDENCE, make duels with my FEELINGS.

And on this path I want to take you with me.