August 11, 2016


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During the study-search, I attended a university lecture as a guest and for the first time heard about the concept of ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of starting a business! From then on, this topic wouldn’t let me go and caught my attention again during my studies of industrial engineering.

When I read the book the “4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, my idea changed into starting an ONLINE BUSINESS, which would give me the TIME and FREEDOM to travel. The idea of PASSIVE INCOME lit up my eyes.

I definitely wanted to do that. So a business idea was needed as soon as possible, allowing me to have all the advantages I wished for. I investigated in books, attended workshops and discussed my passions, interests and strengths. I honestly have to say that until then, frankly, I had absolutely NO INTEREST for anything, really NONE! However,  I IMMEDIATELY needed an idea!

Of course I didn’t find this overnight 😉 

I was only looking for an idea, which would WORK. That would bring me MONEY/PROFIT. Eventually, I realised that the approach was wrong.

A business is something in which we spend a huge amount of time. Time that we take out of our lives. So the business should necessarily be something that resonates with us, fascinates us and working on it should be fun!
Once these requirements are met, we are ready to put much more effort and really commit to its realization.

Paradoxically, now in retrospect I can say , that if one does exactly the opposite – and leaves this CONVULSIVE implementation of the idea, ‘LET GO OF IT’, so to speak, ideas will arise, which complete the big picture.

That still means, that you continue dealing with the topic, research it and seek in the INSIDE.

However, the compulsion got transformed, by which I was dominated and I am sometimes still dominated, into energy of inspiration, even love and pure interest in realising my ideas. I come into the so called ‘FLOW’ where I implement my full potential…

Live your interests and make money with them!

I also studied topics such as MAINTAINING, INCREASING, CREATING and SAVING WEALTH, because they are closely connected to EARNING money. 

Instead of only being advised by a bank consultant, whose interest lays in selling as many financial products as possible, I independently researched and gained valuable knowledge – learned a lot by experts for example about stock investment, insurance and saving.

I have found some appropriate and profitable ways to multiply my money. On the other hand, I have found many ways to deal more efficiently with money.

In addition to this knowledge, a feeling of deficiency occurred, that there must be even more to it. Eventually, I asked myself whether I would buy more “luxury”-goods, if I had more money?

My response was ‘NO’. The feeling of  still saving money remained, no matter how much money I had in mind.


Also here, I found no answer, because with any amount the feeling of wanting more would get even stronger .

Finally, I realized that the problem is somewhere else. It lays in a deep FEELING OF DEFICIENCY, which can never be satisfied by money.

I started to work on this feeling of LACK. Because once this deficiency is resolved, you can finally bring money into flow by using knowledge about money secrets. Furthermore, you can use money for a meaningful purpose and ENJOY spending it.

Do you want to learn how to invest your money and spend it without worrying?

Learn how to multiply and enjoy your money now!

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