August 11, 2016



Hardly anything has as many complex motivations as fashion & beauty: You want to be accepted by society and score in the eyes of the opposite sex.

If you’re wearing something that’s not IN, you’ll be laughed at and according to the motto “What kind of guy is he?” devalued in the clique. So you have no chance to conquer women. You think that you are not good enough for that pretty girl and she has such a high STATUS, because she simply looks good .

Those experiences brought me to the point where I decided to steel my body and wear trendy clothes.

Moreover, I discovered that I like wearing colors and fancy clothes. That kind of  fashion really suits me, if I choose according to my taste and it feels right. This was then also recognised by other people around me and I got compliments. This feedback symbolized the time in which I became ARROGANT. I looked down on others who were not so well dressed or behaved “UNCOOL”.

But when I was really talking deeply with someone, I realised, that it didn’t matter what he was wearing or whether he was COOL. There was a connection that allows real encounter. The appearance didn’t matter. If I had already sorted out people here due to their appearance, I would have missed an opportunity for a real encounter that could enrich my life. So, I began to see that appearance is important but not THAT important. And that sometimes everybody feels not good enough.

This is the REAL REASON why we ATTRACT the people, who we want to be. We connect our value to our APPEARANCE.

Discover your inner BEAUTY NOW!

At this point, I’ve won a lot of insights that I would like to share and show you, how you can discover your VALUES and your INNER BEAUTY that still can be highlighted with nice clothes, if it’s really fun.

Finally tear down the MASK and after dropping the mask – reach the CORE, which really makes you vulnerable. And this core while approaching it – can begin to shine. That’s what makes a human really beautiful. Then the shell is no longer empty, instead it underscores a radiant PERSONALITY.

Your inside changes the outside. If you change your ATTITUDE, others will react differently to you.

Let us discover your inner BEAUTY!