Start Now or Never

The time is NOW!

If I have learned one lesson in my life, it is the following:

There will be never the right time to do or start
something New!

I ran away from doing the things that were important to step up. Instead, I rather focused on things that were urgent but not important. So that I didn`t feel bad! Literally, I was wasting my time with things that didn’t serve my purpose. So I asked myself the following question, that changed my life:

  • If I had only 1 hour to live, what would I regret not having done?
  • What does really matter to you?

Instantly, the whole game changed for me. I immediately knew the answers from which I was running away my entire life. The thing is that I always knew them deep down.

Sometimes we face anxieties and insecurities on our way. Therefore, you can find some of my thoughts in another post. Read Here!

No excuses! I am talking HERE and NOW… Let’s GO

From what are you running away? What is your next step becoming the better YOU?

Face the challenges and you will grow. Promise!


Yours Heiko

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