How to follow your inner ♥guide♥

Along my way I asked myself over and over again how to make decisions, that resonate with me?

How do I know, that I will now make the right decision?

Therefore, I listen most of the time to the voice of my heart.

There are two voices inside of us.

The one voice comes from our mind and the other one comes from our heart. Do you know situtations where the second voice is sometimes too quite or drowned by the other one?

The voice of your mind is the one, that never stops telling you what to do next. Sometimes, it tells you how often you have failed in your life and what bothers you about other people. Nevertheless, it also tells you, what is reasonable, weighs your decision based on Pros and Cons – and justifies your determination with logical arguments.

The voice of your heart on the other hand has a more gentle, more loving, softer and more honest nature. It is not expressable in words, however it is certain and determined, even if you should experience pain. It resembles to an intuitive signal – like a feeling in your body.

How do I discover the voice of my heart?

For this purpose I did the following little exercise:

Imagine a person or situation, where you felt love or joy. Do you have one?

Perfect! – Where do you sense the feeling in your body? How do you perceive it? Then you can ask the occuring feeling, if it likes you or in fact loves you. – Do you love me?

Thats the voice of your heart.


One more hint of my inner guide is joy, which I perceive when I do things, that are a lot of fun. That’s why I ask myself this:

Do I really experience joy in what I am doing right NOW?

I discovered my passion and joy for example in dancing. It gives my an undiscribing feeling of joy, inspiration and pure presence. I can simply enjoy the moment, the music and  becoming one with my partner.

The moment I feel joy in my decision-making, I am on the right way.

BTW: Don’t be scared, when difficulties will arise. Even if you are following your inner voice as well as joy, obstacles and challenges will occur. In this moments listen to the voice of your heart inside of you, because there you will find all the answers 🙂

What is the voice of your heart telling you?

Let me know your insights in the comments below.

I would love to hear from you, until then


Yours Heiko


  • My inner voice has been telling me to do what I want (regarding some of my side hustles) and not stress out over things. If they work out, they work out. Side hustles shouldn’t be stressful unless I decide to make them full time.

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